Upgrade Terraform 0.11 to 0.12

HashiCorp Terraform

Run the Terraform 0.12upgrade command

tfenv install 0.12.20
tfenv use 0.12.20
terraform 0.12upgrade
gfind <your top level TF directory> -name '*.tf' -printf "%h\n" \
| uniq \
| grep -v ".terraform" \
| xargs -n1 terraform 0.12upgrade -yes

What if I have to change it by hand?

Using Variables

foo = "${var.bar}"
foo = var.bar

Terraform Remote State

vpc_id = "${data.terraform_remote_state.vpc.vpc_id}"
vpc_id = data.terraform_remote_state.vpc.outputs.vpc_id
config {
region = "${var.aws_region}"
config = {
region = var.aws_region

AWS Resources

tags {
service = "${var.service}"
environment = "${var.env}"
tags = {
service = var.service
environment = var.env

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